My 1st tutor : How to use a polaroid frame with Adobe Photoshop

it's my firs tutorial.
about How to use a polaroid frame with Adobe Photoshop to make it such a polaroid picture.

First, you have to download a polaroid frame (mine use this) by clicking here.

1. Click Adobe Photoshop
Open your polaroid's frame that has been downloaded. Then, open the picture that you like to use as a polaroid picture.

2. Drag the image that you like to use as a polaroid to that polaroid's frame. Make it with 30%'s opocity.

3. Crop the picture as a match size to fill the empty side of that polaroid's frame. Use Rectaculer Marquee Tool.

4. Already have a match size? now make the opocity as 100% then click Image---Adjusments---Channel Mixer to get the color tones. i'd usually use randomly, just mix it up guys!


5. In a polaroid, the exposure of the picture isn't too sharp. so make it blurry to get the closest looked such those polaroids.
Then, crop the out-sides of polaroid frame to get a fit screen of polaroid.

and yeah it's all done. save as image, and put it on to your webs.

and these mine (click on the image to enlarge)

3 komentar

  1. tnkyu toturnya...
    warnanya emang sukanya gitu ye??

  2. yuranda ni sholeh yg di fb,
    haih postingannya manteb bgt..
    haha sy bingung sebelumnya gmn bikin ni polaroid.bukan framenya lho tp pict-nya itu.
    btw, pict yg km lg make topi keren efek burn-nya pas.

  3. @ulo -- iya, saya hobinya pakai warna2 seperti itu :P

    @sholeh -- aww terima kasiih


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