blind text

they're calling.
the university.
lucky me the faculty protecting me and try to warning me about 'the too honestly' entry about university. because some of new student read this, the blog. and then they're resign away (owh that's cool)

hmmm guys, are you missing some of entries?
yes, it's gone and unpublished.
sorry, just to protect me from a kind like terror of mafia,
because my name 'yuranda' were asking by many people, the lecturer, people in university, and others.
but this is just like a game. fucking politicals.
maybe i have to graduate first then i'll speak again about the truth that hidden from a ground. or maybe, i will never graduate from there because i trapped in the game

but well,
 mungkin nanti bakal ada tugu gw di antara gedung O-N.
bentuknya nggak kayak tugu 12 mei, tapi bener2 patung gw. posenya juga kayak lagi foto pakai mobile, yang manyun-manyun gitu deh and then hey i did it, the dream comes true, i'm becoming the legend like Monroe.

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