The sea and the sun.

I tell you a story about the sea.
Here comes the sun who will always come back to be right above everyside on earth.
He light up the dark inside the sea so that's a reason why the sea can be look beautifully in blue.
And he turn the cold water to be warmer.
The sea and the sun is a perfect combination in a silver lining.

The sea: "it took a long to time to realize that you are the one that i need. I mean like.... wait, where have you been?"
The sun: "No. where have you been?"
The sea: "Maybe cause you'd been surrounded by clouds for too long. it makes me forget that you're exist."
The sun: "I think it's you. You're too busy to watching people that swimming inside you."

The sea: "... or that's how everything works. it supposed to be like that so it could turn out to be like this."


i knew you since 2006. i was on high school and your best friend’s girlfriend on that moment.
i didn’t remember when exactly our conversation started.
it probably like only once a year we’re saying hi on messenger? we’re open up about our own stories like how ugly our sin as a humans. No matter what the shit happened, we share our fucked up stories and supporting each other in text. and by the time when we’re finally met up for after almost a years, all we’re talking about is all the shits we’ve been through........
and just like that, we’re suddenly become a good friends.
you came to me and join me on the trip to Sumba. that's how all the feeling begins.
we didn't even touch each other when us both admit each other feelings. i mean i found it funny somehow cause look at us, people like us, all the things that we've already been through.
Some people may judge us 'what a damage human being' from a very first sight.
cause you and i are same. lost in translation.
so that's why i think we're funny. we have no expectation to could feel this way. not even a lust. not even a plan. we're just friends. friends who talk a lot about things. it sounds like a bullshit but i may prefer the word 'magic'.

Nobody's perfect and nothing lasts forever.
cause well, maybe i guess that's life: a struggle to win or surviving.
But with all the flaws and stories that reveal, you're still perfect. it's us that all i ever wanted.
And it took a long time, a years, and a lot of fucked up things to finally reveal that it's you. i need you because i love you.

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