the hidden documentary

i was dare to started what i feel.
when you said so, you were so annoying.
but when all the things clearly looked different.
we were sharing the stories for us.
a cup of memories.
and that eyes standing on me like a hugs.
your lips tasted like a sugar. brought me to the sweetest memories ever.

baby, i never matter if you took me.
because i can't lying that i want you.
i can't ignore what i feel. i can't even rejected your call.
i started this feeling to you, and you got me.
but then we knew that we don't have the same thing such like they want.

you and you
me and me.

when it's over then..
i want to tell you, that eyes.
that eyes remind me of how deep it feels to leave for.
and i don't think that i would get some better.. because the way that you looked at me is different.

p.s : for the stranger who envy us, just do not bother. because we're only take a moments to feel what we feel. just a moment please, a moment .


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