i do.

my old stock photo

photo by : unknown
model : me, helmi, & rahil

edit by : me,adobe photoshop

they are drunk but too young.
they act like a 20 years old woman but they're only still 15.
they act like a 13 years old boy but they're 15.

their favourite words is "FUCK" and spell it often like it was cool.

do you know how they pose in front of camera? YEAH, easy to guess.
they never missed out the trend and always trying to be the best catchy looked.
when they're in love with someone they could be having sex or hate something like sex thing, but well.. when the broken heart comes, they will commit a suicide and dying.

they don't like drugs, they're only love the smooky place.
when the weekend comes they love to use their own colourful sneakers and hangin there at crowded place.
they are totally dress to kill.
they love their hair so much.
they need a money (of course everybody need it) but they are more more more than people needed.

say "Hei you're cool" and then they will love you.
they're wondering the porn things.
they want to be a local celebrity.
they are selfish and stay cool.
so they are they are they are OH MY GOD...
the teenagers.


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