it's my firs tutorial.
about How to use a polaroid frame with Adobe Photoshop to make it such a polaroid picture.

First, you have to download a polaroid frame (mine use this) by clicking here.

1. Click Adobe Photoshop
Open your polaroid's frame that has been downloaded. Then, open the picture that you like to use as a polaroid picture.

2. Drag the image that you like to use as a polaroid to that polaroid's frame. Make it with 30%'s opocity.

3. Crop the picture as a match size to fill the empty side of that polaroid's frame. Use Rectaculer Marquee Tool.

4. Already have a match size? now make the opocity as 100% then click Image---Adjusments---Channel Mixer to get the color tones. i'd usually use randomly, just mix it up guys!


5. In a polaroid, the exposure of the picture isn't too sharp. so make it blurry to get the closest looked such those polaroids.
Then, crop the out-sides of polaroid frame to get a fit screen of polaroid.

and yeah it's all done. save as image, and put it on to your webs.

and these mine (click on the image to enlarge)