akhirnya! akhirnya! akhirnya!
saya baru sadar selama ini beli-beli sesuatu yang nggak guna, dan yang lain dilupakan..
satu hal yang membuat saya ingat soal scanner adalah ucapan seorang teman..
"mo ngescan gambar deh pengen beli scanner."
oh ya ampun,
saya langsung minta tolong mama...
"mama wanda capek bolakbalik nyeken tugas. pengen punya scanner."
dan kebetulan saya minta pada saat yang tepat yaitu awal bulan.
dan akhirnya!
diupload juga!!!!!!

drawing pen + adobe photoshop

i'm fucking tired about fake asses.
they are so many colours, so many stories.
but in just 'one theme.'

dear, poser..
a very last weeks, i received some kind of message on my facebook.
from some old woman like my mother.
she asked me about 'me'.
"why don't you told me about your second account on facebook? can i add you here, your second account..."
and bla bla bla, we're talking a lot like i'm talking with anothers victim.

well, that's alright.
i don't know you.
and i don't want to know you anymore.
but just one thing i know,
There are maybe one person who act like a bitch.
but the victims, the people who know you as me were maybe the people who lost their mind on the closet.


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