then i'm bored

this is me, my daily activities.
facebook, blogger, looklet, tumblr, twitter, googling...
almost everytime i'm stitting here to watching the world,watch the people.
and sometimes i felt like my mobile didn't work like my messenger or facebook.

people got drunk and people get busy. i know. i feel bored when i'm just lying on my bed, waiting my dreams come and wish to wake up earlier.... but oh my god, i can't. i'm sick to trying sleep, then i'm back.... to my favourite position, sitting and watch the world.

i'm the only one daughter on my family. i'd usually to being alone and doesn't like a crowd.
dolls like my bestfriend. i'd always spend my little time on my bedroom to talking with my dolls. AND I HAVE A MANY DIARY!!! HOW I LOVE MY DIARY!!!!
but i remember if i was not in a mood to play with my doll or writing on my diary, i'd always dressed with my mom's dress. i'd always look myself at the mirror, and do make-up. and then, act like an actress on cinema in front of mirror. that's always happened since i'm 6 years old. yes, 6 years old.

but it's just nothing changes, i'd love to have a conversation on facebook or messenger. and i'm still love to write, blog or notepad. and about dressed? of course, on looklet. make-up? YES SOMETIMES, IF I CAN'T SLEEP! then i take a picture to set as my profile picture. and sorry to say, sometimes, i'm acting like an actress on cinema in front of mirror. hahahah fucking silly.

my friends, my boyfriend, everybody... of course i know i could go out to having fun with them. but i don't know, i'd like to being alone too much. who said that i'm easy going? that's not really myself.

"oh god, what are you doing, yuranda?
would you die on your bedroom at suddenly?"

well-well-well, now i'm feeling bored already with my daily activites. i really really feel strange. i'm feeling like there's a part of something is missed.


maybe that's why i'm feelin' like i'm stupid, like alone, the drama queen, or the idiot. i miss my family, too much. but then i buy a ticket to Gorontalo. to meet my mom and dad. to meet my new house. to meet my all family. and the flight is on Tuesday.
so guys, for the first time ever,
i'm going to Gorontalo, JUST ALONE!!!!!

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