i made the car from the font 'W' in Oil Crisis B's type font
which 'W' means my front alphabet's nick name.
so then it says 'i lost in empyt street.'

this is ridicolous when i remember how he said to me ago when we were breakin off. "Maybe enough. i don't want to drowning more with you. this is is probaly enough for now. we have to agree that we will never be what we want to be." and then what happen next? we're back . we're always back to the street. sayin' never care anymore about the destination with all of these, but then it happens again, we're allways get in a same doubt, because YES! we're definetly have to provin' that we really care about the destination of this glorious trip!
And now, what is making me remember about our last fight? Yesterday i heard your words. maybe you thought that i was already sleeping because you spent almost an hour on living room to watching the world cup with your friends.  and when you're back to the bedroom, you might watchin' me sleep tightly. and then sit  in a front of computer. a minutes then ,when i almost fell in sleep.. you go to the bed and hug me much untill i almost couldn't feel the air.
what happen next? D'you remember what you told? i heard you were whispering words...
"Just never leave me. please, never leave." and then you kissed my head.
now what am i thinking about now?
i don't know, maybe i'm thinking about how to thinking nothing.  because i feel lost. very lost. just keep on fuckin going with this empty street. (lol, how emo the words i wrote)


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