the story of my home sweet home

i born in a crowded place. with all of people who tweaked my cheek and said 'cute'. after a months i born, me and mom were moved to Jakarta (emm 'not really' jakarta) i mean Sawangan, to follow my daddy who has a carrier opportunity here.

the little girl is growin up. alone and always alone.
played with dolls, barbie, and mirror.
paint a wall with pencil, usually drawn a sailormoon.
and well, i heard when i was 6 years old, my mom almost brought me to psychologist because she 'catched' me did a masturbation with pillow? (even i didn't remember HOW IT COULD BE when she told me about that)

now back to the story of my home sweet home.
my home in sawangan is just too far from crowded place, the busy things, the traffic.. all of jakarta's stuffs...
call me 'anak rumahan'
playing dolls, ride a cycle with my neighbor, played badminton with a wall, dressed my self with my mom dress, doing make-up, drawing, and watched sailormoon.
you may have a lot of memories from every place with your parents with many people. but me? most of my memories were about my self who tried to figure out from a loneliness at my home sweet home

spotted : loneliness.

all of picture here has captured yesterday when i was back home.
my mom was cooking for Ramadan, my dad didn't come back yet for after 2 weeks then :( , my cousin are watching tv, and my cat (oh i forgot, my cat is already died a years ago)
hmmm... by the way, have you spotted the green zone? the perfect place if you want to doing yoga or berkebun atau 'mager' aja gitu kayak mo gelar tiker dan nggak mo ngapa-ngapain hahahah.

maybe for some of you it may called as a 'boring stuffs' but i thought that if you're a kind of people who fuck up with busy things and need the sound of a bird, the fresh air, or just stay away from the crowded place ... my home is really recommended for you.

meet my bestfriend : 'old man'

you can't imagine how really surprised me when i went to upstairs and found a field is already became a swamps. and hey, take a look... can you spotted some old building? that is my place when i wore the white shirt and the fucking blue skirt.

the little dinner room.
this is the most comfortable place to discuss everything with my mom and dad.
and i always spotted my mom to 'bengong' here hehehe

but what is the most place that i love?
of course my bedroom.
since my old notebook is 'OFFLINE' because has detected by windows security,
what i mostly do in my bedroom is just sleeping, read, online by my mobile phone, drawing, and then back to sleep.

so when some people ask me "why you're so jaded? love to being alone very much... never interest to go to concert - spend moneys to party or hangin' out every weekend?"
oh not really. actually, i can go wherever i want to go when i feel bored with this 'empty place'... but maybe not too often because for me, this place is my best place to 'hang-out' with.


p.s : kalo seandainya belakang rumah gw pantai atau air terjun tinggi banget, gw yakin rumah gw udah kayak syurga dan bisa disewain buat pasangan yang mau honeymoon


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