i wish that someday, all of the satellites are died. so we can catch-up in a reality, meet a new people in a real conversation, and also making life much worthly without television or any of digital media communication shits.


To sitting in a living room like our grandmother did. waiting for the guy who will sends a letter from grandfather. and when the post-man arrived. your grandmother smiling to post-man and says, "FINALLY!!! What took you so long! i've been waiting for a long time to get my letter from my other 'Lord.'!! "... and the post-man smiling with your grandmother with givin her the letter.

or in a car. bus. or another transports. when we're enjoy the sound which sounds from your CD player or MP3. or just sit and have a conversation with a new people in a bus. or just enjoy the ride with your friends without sound of "PING!" which makes you little busy to staring at your mobile phone without needs to care who is talking and joking beside you.

To get a ride with your bike. to read a much of books. learn to cook. and just to making life much probably worthly without think to update your foursquare or without thinking to watch your favourite show on TV.

it's very long time for me to write on diary. i mean, i never ever think to make a new journals or diary because i probably spend my times a lot in one kind of shits. blogging is such as my diary. which not in a very privacy way (like others diary before) because people can read it without needs a key to open the 'gates'.




the digital or technology in a media communication way are making modern people like us becoming lazy in 'a reality way'. and we're probably enjoy it, right? and yes honestly, i do. and this is becoming such a boring stuffs.

but remember the issues about the solar storm which will happens on early 2013. it says that it probably breaks all of the satellites. and to imagine about the 2013, wow... how do the people live without mobile networks and internet on 2013? i mean look at us righ now, in this 2010, we're usually never leave them for 2 days and EVEN ONLY a half of day! Ironic.


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