if the end is come early

dengan segala macam fenomena-fenomena alam disekitar. reaksi-reaksi dari penghuni langit yang berjatuhan seperti dikabarkan oleh USA dan sekitarnya. hingga laut yang memuntahkan ratusan anak-anaknya yang bersirip ke tepian pantai...

to saying 'earth is detected by ALIENS' is so Americans
to saying 'global warming' is so scientist
and to saying 'pray! earth is nearly to the death' is so humans

yes, we do afraid of what the fucking hell happens of the world lately. if the end on '12 (like whoever said) is just giving a signal from now, so what should we do?
just let our mother-earth is sharing its feeling. how 'she' wants to express how hurts it is to be forgotten.
i mean.. we have to eat. just keep going on to looking for your lunch. everything on outside there will never make you to STOP your daily move.
to say that we are care about it? well holy fucker, in a fact you guys are only a wondering people that never know what will exactly you want to do with your 'care'.

now stand up,
close your web browser,
and go college.


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