my 10 favourite-self quotatations that i made.
thanks to my altar ego, madam kintil. #tai

1. Trust your own feeling.
2. Be nice to evryone and never talk to your enemy.
3. Work hard could kills. enjoy the little things please.
4. Beware of the dogs or you'll be a bitch.
5. You can learn from your lazyness. you can smarter by your mistakes. make yourself comfort to live or you'll go die younger before you can buy a heavens.
6. Price never lied. but the most expensive is how to make it goods on you and how its totally worth it.
7. 'perfection is yours. mine is nil.' that's what you and i said.
8. Love yourself today and love your God everyday.
9. You looked beautiful with your clothes on and with the clothes off.
10. Friends are people. Boyfriend is a person. and Family is the only one something that really real in this world.

---------- Madam kintil a.k.a yuranda mohamad

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