if life is all about making a choices but why it's so difficult to be brave. or maybe that is the thing that people should learn about life. be brave, keep positive, and being nice.

i wish i was brave.
i mean, i'm a kind of person that has a seriously problem with my fear.
a fear with a future, a fear with the fall... this is why when i've always thinking about something big and make things that worth, i just always never make it started. so of course, then, never meet a finished.
yeah, hope always make you high, but life is still goes on. it could be on the lowest ground or it could be on the top of the mountain.
what i should do is get in. catch it. take it. make it. do it.

i'm feeling so crap. i'm so sorry. i just.... missed too much things in my life because i'm too scared to try. i know there are some people that judging me like a freak, a louder speaker, or desperate bitch. but seriously what's your problem? but anyway, thanks.. the point is, some people with a negative judgements were really helpful to making me brave, such one of the best solution ever to reduce my fear :)

and.. i've always seen some twitter or facebook status of stunning princess who sounds like a crap and fragile. i mean why so pathetic? people judging you like a perfect one with a perfect life that girl could ever wishes for! and another things that i learn from it people...

1. something big has its opportunity.
2. even the greatest thing ever won't be last forever.
3. fall seven times but stand up eight

my new enemy right now.
is a fear.

p.s : sorry it is just me that missed so many chances. but i swear from now when this post is been published, i'll take my chances.


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