5 beauty tips? anyone want to share?

We all knw besides the inner beauty that comes from your eyes and how you're talking, there is still the number one fact that you must have before you 'go-ahead'. The self-confidence.
How to get that? Is that depends from the price of your clothes and your bag? I don't think i'm beautiful, or am i? To be confident you must feel comfort and be who you are. you can have a judge, and yes you must listening to a judgements. But if those who judging you could bring you to the uncomfortable zone, it seems that you're going to lose your power of confidence. Let's take a first step by looking yourself in front of your mirror.

where will i go and what will i wear?
If you're going to attend to a prom-party with formal dress-code. it means you won't never think to wearing a meat dress like Gaga. if you really want to look different but still glam and fab, you must make yourself comfort by choosing the right dress for your body posture and pick the color that will make your skin like stunning and your face looks shining. just don't be a new-fashion trend's victim like 'too much' babe. And if you don't want to be looked so conservative, you can try a different accessories or play with your hair. Must told you that don't playing too much with make-up because i knw that a green and orange eyeshadow looked fab in some photo-shoot. but in reality, i think it seems like not tht really big deal.

make your statement!
Take your favorite perfume. then try to walk with smile. if you can give your truly smile, it means that you're not faking yourself. then try to make your own statement like, "today i look so hot." or "today i'm cute" because how people judge you could be comes from the statement that you're saying right now.
need more beauty tips? i recommend you 5.

5.  Chewing Gum or Candy
eating a gum can makes you feel cool sometimes. besides, it reduces your worrying about your another unpredictable smell that must be comes from your mouth.

4. Perfume/lotion/or oil.
You are female. it's your fate to smells good. a good smell gives you a good mood. tbh, i no longer using perfume because i'm just bored and don't think i find the new right one yet :( i'm now using a beautifying oil from the body shop with strowberry scent. oh gosh i'm in love. because it reflects the 2 things what i need in all at once. i can apply to my hair (just to makes my curly hair falls good and smells strowberry) and my body especially my legs because i've always feel intense with my short pants :3 just recommend it to try.

3. Little Beauty Kit.
Lipstick? powder? and mascara?
you sometime need a stuffs that belong to the word 'just in case'.

2. Tissue
If you are attending a concert with your no-waterproof mascara or hang out with your friends by taking a bus with a broken AC inside with a FULL-TIME summer outside. Trust me, you'll need tissue wherever you'll go.
1. Smile
Start every day with a smile and get it over with. You're never fully dressed without a smile :)


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