how does it feel like?

Sebenarnya nggak penting sih. tapi just wondering, mengenai transgender. khususnya yang dari M ke F.
yang saya baca sih ada yang berpendapat bahwa itu merupakan fenomena "miscomm". yang katanya dalam ilmu pengetahuan dan kedokteran itu kayak semacam keadaan psikologi serta syaraf otak yang berlawanan banget sama fisik yang sudah ada. which means, born as definetely a female in a male-body? trapped?

Well, okay, fenomena miscomm berarti kayak semacam kekeliruan dari Tuhan ketika memasukkan ruh mungkin ya? Nope, bukan itu sebenarnya pertanyaannya. pertanyaannya adalah....
Does it feel like a 'real'-real vagina? Biar ratusan kali lo mengucapkan mereka adalah sekarang perempuan, ya memang mereka adalah perempuan. i admit it. tapi kan tentu dia ngelewatin tahap dimana semua yang ada itu di'ganti'. blak-blakan aja ya dari dick to pussy. bukan cuma sekedar suntik hormon tapi bener2 dick to pussy. sama gitu nggak sih rasanya pas having sex? yang kalo kata temen saya, "the only thing to knw the fact is to prove it. by yourself." YA ELU LAH TONG YANG NYOBA ELU KAN LAKI.

wht google told me:
The procedure used by Dr. Biber is calledpenile inversion: removing most of the penis's innards and turning the skin inside out, like a sock, to create a vaginal pouch. The glans (tip) of the penis winds up at the bottom (far end) of the vagina. A clitoris can be created from the corpora spongiosa, the erectile tissue that causes the penis to stiffen during arousal. Advantage: simplicity. If it worked as a penis, it'll work as a vagina, right? In addition, sensitive tissue at both ends of the vagina doubles one's opportunities for pleasure. Disadvantage, according to the journals: the resultant vagina often atrophies (too shallow, too narrow, etc). Biber says he's had good success, though.

You get the impression that, at least in the early days, the big thing with transsexuals was not feeling good but looking good. Some surgeons felt their transsexual patients were hyposexual--low sex drive. Dr. Biber and more recent journal articles dispute this. However, in a 1990 study of 14 transsexuals interviewed an average of 1.8 years after surgery, only one said orgasm was very important for sexual satisfaction, six said it was somewhat important, and three said it was not at all important (remaining four not known). When asked about potential for orgasm, two said usually, six said seldom, and two said never. Draw your own conclusions.

well being a gay and transsexual is really not a same thing.
transsexual is a real woman. (who quite sure that she never born as a man)
k whatever. i'm not a part of ignorance. just asking. and sharing. it's my free world right?
well, being a female is really great. thank you.
you could have a very extreme short-hair or a sexy-wave long hair, high heels, a floral cute dress is everywhere, a magnificent fake eye-lashes with red-lipstick, a spoiled voice, a drama tears, and of course... our body is like a piece of art who is really live to live.

P.S : but bro, seriously, if you feel like to do the transx-surgery. what's so bad to being a man huh?
at least you get to pee standing up.


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