happy new hair!

2013, new year -  new hair - new real job!
Finally got a full-time job after almost a year that i was napping on my bed. i really enjoy with my new job. the people are so nice even the big boss i mean the chairman is really has the personality like Buddha. i feel so lucky to can join with the team.

by the way, this january i had an invitation for attending the assesment day as Cabin Crew for Qatar aitways. yeahhh finally! passed the video interview. but well yeah didn't make it so far.
During the assesment there's a presentation frm recruiter about the company information. and then we do arm reach test, they asked us if we can reach the sticker or not. and yeahhh i made it. even my fingers passed a sticker line. i saw some girls tht were shorter than me could reach it too. yeah this is so fair for the minnie ladies like us, bcs you knw, at least we can reach the emergency equipment. and that's a procedure!

but then... i failed my english-test.
grammar nazi. you knw. the questions is all about grammar and an essay shits was made me stupid. FUFUFUFUFUFUFU, i honestly didn't understand what the topic they're asked to write. i just wrote the shits like on this blog.
many girls were failed on this round too. like between 20-25...
and otheres are made it.

i made it once for the english test on singapore airlines, but unfortunately Qatar seems not really my destiny yet. so i'll try to improve my english by writing on this blog or tweeting things tht might be annoying for the grammar expert. but. never care. just correct me if i'm wrong. *maybe i should have a date with british guy so i can improve my english like much better?*



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