I am the sea and nobody owns me.

I'll tell you a story about the ocean.

there's a sailor who desperately drown himself to the ocean. Deeply and lonely.

🌊 "why you let yourself in?"
⚓️ "I'm just tired to survive."

Then the storm comes taking him away into the deep, the sea is confused with how the sailor moves his body like trying to be defensive. 

🌊 "you said you tired to survive but you keep pulling off your body."
⚓️ "i'm scared. I'm not sure. I can't see clearly. It's too dark under here."

and a moments later, the sailor found himself dumped off at the beach. He's still not sure whether he's dreaming or he's just already dead. The only thing that he could feel is a ground that he's standing at. At least he can feel the air.

He had no idea how the sea could control the waves, the waves that brought him back to the ground where he belongs to. He had no idea how the sea could see how he tired to try but still yet too tired to surrender. He had no idea how the sea can't stand to see him suffering any longer.

The only idea he's thinking that the ocean is too big and deep and doesn't belong to anyone. But that doesn't mean he will not coming back to sail. Cause he's a sailor, he will always adore the ocean. Forever.

"Because to love is to losing yourself"
Here's for a guy who is "not ready" to get lost. this is why i let you go :)