This is not love story.

Look, I do appreciate your honesty, it's good because at least you respect me.

But what i really hate is the way how you built a trust and one second then you break your promise with a lot of excuses and call it love.
That's not a commitment from the beginning we've made, that's more likely a stupidity and a selfish act.

And the worst part is, you make it like it's ALL my choice and my fault.

Cause you're like:
"i love you but i need to leave for us and please wait for us but you can go away but well, can i still come? Why can't we be good? I love you."


It's you.
and after all the things we've been through.
moved in together under the same roof for a half year....
i finally found you.
a real you.


I was wrong about love.

Then i realise if i love you i should not have a need to change you.
even it's for your own good and for us.

I'm too busy to think of you till i can't even think about myself.
I fell in love with the idea of yourself, the image you've created.
I'm hurting myself by denying the truth about you.

You're an asshole. But i'm also an asshole. to myself.

I gave you a chances cause i let myself comfortable with the uncomfortable.
I let you hurting me.
Tell me? Is that a great love? No, baby, i can't do this anymore.
If losing you is the only way to find my way back to find myself.
I must say that's it... that's a great love.

At the end i learn,
a great love is not about how do you feel with a person but it's more like how he makes you feel about yourself.

The right one will make you feel right about yourself.
And he also feels right about himself.

And somehow you're always work out together.
That's how you meet the right one........... in a right time.


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