Harley Quinn: the worst life lesson about love obsession.

you guys seen Suicide Squad? Yes, it's not a best movie but seems like people do fell in love with the charming couple, Harley Quinn & Joker. They're completely cool AF and how Margot Robbie act as Harley Quinn is totally pretty well done, it's like Harley Quinn just being Harley Quinn.
And what making me interest is, there are some people label them as 'a relationship goals'... yeah baby it's just a social media with some stupid statements so chill, but i find it's somehow interesting to talk about.

What if Harley Quinn does really exist in real-life?

So have you ever been desperately in love with a guy & you think he loves you back the way you do but in fact he's just MAD and he driven you crazy?

Yes, you don't pick a person that you're falling in love with. it's just happened. and sometimes love is making a person becoming fool. it's like every little act of a person that you love is a big effort that makes you forgot how he/she puts you through into...
like isn't it ironic when they put you in hell and call it 'that's the way how i'm loving you' and you just believe it anyway?

J : "There is something you could do for me, doctor."
H: "Anything. I mean, yeah."
J: "I need a machine gun."

Your first love, sometimes is not the one who make you feel like the happiest person but the one who making you lose yourself and you feel fine with it, after then, it breaks you like hell. After this scenes, Joker is taking control the place, he's free but he's not done with Harley. He could kill her if he'd like to, but because he's a psychotic creep so he enjoys torturing her as well.

You can kill people with guns but you choose to make people destroy people by mentally fucked them up.

<- a="" call="" crime.="" is="" p="" real="" this="" we="" what="">so yeah what Joker did to Harley is clearly a crime not a cool romance.

J: "Question! Would you die for me?"
H: "Yes."
J: "No, no, no. that's too easy... Would you live for me?"
H: "Yes."

People may see how Joker threw her but suddenly turns his back and jump to pick her up seems like aww. But in reality check, will you let go the person who would live in suffer for you but you know you're not gonna do the same towards? If yes, then you're not Mr. J.
Joker didn't love her, he just needs her to be his partner-in-crime. He knew that she would do anything for him because she loves him. He manipulated her to make her loyal to his madness. in real life, when a guy is losing 'his number one fan' he will try a lil bit harder to make her (at least) fall back to his arm again. Why? cause he realise that it's not easy to find a person who will STAY FOOL for him. Such a beautiful stubborn and selfish-love, isn't it?

H: "Puddin!!! I can't swim."

This scene. When Batman is tracked them and crashed the car to the bridge and fell off.
He left her in the car. That's well enough said.

J: "Let's go home."

Why he always come for her?
You know abusive relationship is about power and control, not only physically but also mentally. He treated her like a property that belongs to him. So he would do anything to get her slave back. You know he's mad, he only get sad when his plan didn't work out like the way he wanted. Joker has his own world and everything that he's doing is always about himself. and sadly, Harley Quinn is desperately in love with him and always believe that Joker loves her as much as she loves him.
So nope, definitely not a relationship goals.

a tragic character to teach a young girl to not becoming like her.

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  1. joker has a heart for harley...
    no one cant understand what joker thinking about, because everyone just know joker is a maniac and bad crazy!

    real life... dont ever judge or make an opinion before you find out the truth...

  2. oh? well, hope you find a person who will ALWAYS understand your madness bro.

  3. Joker really Loves Harley
    really Really......... please don't ignore it