My Top 10 Movie List (year 2010+)

Living the earth since 1989. I'm turning 28 on october-this year and i feel so great right now not just because a new love but year after year now i came at the point where i realize that life keeps going on no matter how much the fuck that people give. I can't stay any longer at coolest pool party and alcohols- it was like my introvert side always make myself sure that "baby, it's better for you stay home and watch some movies. look at that pillow, the warm blanket, and fast internet connection" Besides, it reduce a lot of chance to spend money since my new hobby is saving all the papers in order to can go travel to some places and thinking to start an online shop. It's cliche i know, cause at the end i always fail the saving cause i'm always starving and there are too many delish foods out there.

so yeah. that's my life.
living an independency life far from my parents. lucky i have a boyfriend. lucky i have a good friends. lucky i have a job. lucky there's a technology. and it's enough.
now here's my top 10 list of movie (2011 - 2016)  just in case you're in mood to join the anti social-social club.

Drama Romance
feel the feels.

10. Flipped

9. Me Before You

8. The Fault in Our Stars 

7. The Age of Adeline

6. The Great Gatsby

5. About Time

4. Demolition

3. I origins

2. Silver Linings Playbook

1. La la land

Drama Comedy
good story wrapped in fun

10. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

9. The Interview

8. Dirty Grandpa

7. We're the Millers

6. The Intouchables

5. Crazy Stupid Love

4. The Nice Guys

3. Spy

2. Deadpool

1. Hangover 2

Drama Mystery
Popcorn time!

10. The Invitation

9. The Woman In Black

8. Insidious

7. Crimson Peak

6. The Conjuring 2

5. Don't Breathe

4. Train to Busan

3. The Skin I Live In

2. Gone Girl

1. Interstellar

That's all.


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