Note to self

If to be successful is about having a lot of money i’d rather said that successful from my side of view is that you can always make yourself happy without feeling anxious or suicidal.

No matter who you are, whatever shit you achieved, how funny your jokes, how inspring you as a person or a couple, or how perfect your life looks like on every social media,
i think that we all have our own problems with life that we don’t tell anyone (or maybe yet) like a single one tragedy that can change your life forever?
Or like making a big choice that turn out to be such a biggest mistakes that you ever did?
Or a silly regret from the past events?
It can be anything and you know that you’re trying your best to handle every shits just to hang on. Which I think that's how we live as an adults right? Hungry and thirsty... Fighting to protect ourselves and our beloved ones... setting a new-life-goal after achieved all the previous goals.... making a journey so you can always feel blessed and grateful.
We're actually very very tired with every struggles but our mind is tricky AF and that's the problem, that's the most dangerous thing from all the dangerous stuffs in the world......
Our mind.

Some people are praying. Some people are traveling. Some people doing yoga. Some people are spending of money to buy stuffs. Some people making a donation to help people. Some people are falling in love. Some people eating pizza. Some people are listening to the music and dancing. Some people making an art.
We all have our own different way to rest our fucking mind, the way how to take a rest...
but HOW for those who don't know yet or maybe bored doing the same thing which feels like 'shit is always getting intense' and you're just feeling so fucked up, losing control, and you just don't know what is it, why it's happening inside you?...

Hi, please take a deep breathe, remember all the things you've been through and how far the journey that you have right now...
You should not stop. You should not have to take that pill. Or shoot yourself to death. Keeps your head up, hope is what keeps us alive and i know right now that you may feel hopeless, but yes, there will always be a hope for tomorrow. And just because we cannot find it now, it doesn't mean that we cannot create it for the better tomorrow. If you cannot just talk to the people, you can write down your feelings or just get out from your room to take a walk, just don't let your mind fools you ok, don't let 'them' in.

And here i write to express my feeling in order to rest my mind for a while, and to respect all the coolest and beloved soul that choose to give up and leave the mind-game,
the warrior that ever survived who i thought that could stay longer to survive :(

You can mention all the name that you knew,
but the latest one is this inspiring guy, Anthony Bourdain.
It such a heartbreaking news isn't it, hope he can now forever rest in peacefully.


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